Gears 5 Campaign Preview: The evolution you've been waiting for

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Dec 17, 2013
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This is not "just another Gears."
I'm a huge fan of the Gears of War franchise. Right from the first game, it became a tradition in my household for me and my siblings to co-op it up with some Gears, as per every new release. But like that sense of tradition, Gears of War, as a franchise, has certain expectations attached to it.
I adored Gears of War 4, which introduced us to a new generation trying to carve out a niche on a world recovering from a devastating war. The monstrous subterranean Locust almost succeeded in wiping out humanity, was it not for the Marcus Fenix, Dom Santiago, and the rest of Delta Squad, across Gears of War 1 through 3. Gears 4 took a slightly different approach, introducing us to a new threat — the Swarm — born from the ashes of the Locust. But beyond that, it played it extremely safe with the "Gears" format. Chest-high cover walls, cinematic set pieces, and linearity, with little in the way of surprises.
Shed your expectations — Gears 5 changes everything.
Microsoft invited us to The Coalition studios to check out Gears 5 ahead of the game's launch. This isn't "just another Gears."

[h=3]Fight the Swarm[/h][h=4]Gears 5[/h]

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Jump back into the world of Gears of War to take on a new threat to Sera as Kait Diaz tries to figure out the mystery of how the Swarm has compromised the Coalition's robot army, and just what her connection is to the enemy.

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