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Gears of War 4 build 14942 - splash screen then closes


New member
Jul 15, 2014
I managed to download Gears 4 (amazingly enough), but can't play it. Known issue w/ 14936 build, and they recommend people roll back to a previous build or wait for a new build. Too bad it was more than 10 days, so uh, yeah, not rolling back.

New build dropped (14942). Tried that. Fixed my Xbox App log in, and guess what? Same issue.

No much help coming from the Gears of War community, nor Xbox support.

Anything anyone can recommend I try?

Downloaded game, deleted, installed to a different drive, same issue.
Moved the game to my system drive, same issue.
Deleted, downloaded directly to my system drive, same issue (after it took about 10 tries to get it to download).

I've rebooted between every step.