Geekom AS 6 review: Setting a new standard for mini PCs with raw power


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Dec 20, 2023
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I recently purchased an AS 6. I wanted to love it, but there was a bug ( flashing power light ). The control software was also throwing errors. Support was nice, knowledgable, but 12 hours away. They really didn't know what was causing the problem, and did not have access to the ASUS tech error codes. I tried everything they suggested, and many other things, for several days ( lots and lots of wasted hours ). US based support wouldn't help. I ended up returning the unit. I wrote requesting a "where do we go from here" suggestion, but no response.

Has anyone else encountered the issue where the power light keeps flashing 4 times, then pauses, then repeating ? How about ASUSSystemAnalysis.exe constantly throwing error messages? If you purchased it direct from Geekom, did you find available, competent, tech support ?

The specs of the device fit my needs well, but I can't risk having an unstable device. If you've used one, what has been your experience ? And for the reviewer, did you note any problems with the computer ? Did you try to add a second NVMe drive, and do so without system errors ? ( Both drives were identical ).

I'd love to know what you may have found.

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