Global mode crashed phone


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Jul 8, 2011
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Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this. Last week I traveled to Stockholm so I contacted Verizon and had global data turned on for a few days. My flights back went through Copenhagen and Toronto then to the US. In Toronto I turned on my phone and couldn't connect to data. I figured it was just something weird. When I got back to the US, still no data connection. I turned off/on the phone a couple of times and even did a *228. The next day I was still not receiving data so I went to a Verizon store. They guy tried a few things such as removing the SIM card but nothing works. He eventually said that this type of thing happens to global capable phones and it needed to be hard reset. This is my third global phone from Verizon I've had and my wife has had two herself. I've never had this happen to me before nor have I heard of this happening to anyone else. I was wondering if anyone here has had that experience.

I could rant on another thread about Verizon's horrible global customer service but I'll wait.

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