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Goodbye Astoria, Hello Xamarin!

Norris Rochelle

New member
Apr 17, 2014
How do you guys feel about Microsoft discontinuing Project Astoria in order to use Xamarin? When Astoria was released in the earlier builds of Windows Mobile it ran certain Android apps after you successfully deployed them but was said to bog your phone down. I fully supported Astoria due to the Windows Store needing more apps but Xamarin is the ideal alternative. Personally, I believe porting apps from IOS and Android to submit them rather than running an emulator seems much more natural and would use significantly less resources on your phone. Although this may be a great idea we are still faced with the challenge of drawing developers in to re-code and submit their apps to the store. Besides profiting in a thriving community I believe that all developers that submit an Xamarin ported app to the Windows Store should receive some sort of voucher, discount or award to promote the program as well inspire developers to continue porting apps.


New member
Apr 27, 2003
Xamarin and Astoria are completely unrelated. Xamarin is not going to change anything.

Xamarin is for developers to release .NET apps on iOS and Android. You're not going to see any developers on other platforms switching the coding language they're using in order to recode their apps from scratch in order to also be able to release it for Windows.

It's more for existing Windows .NET developers to be able to put out products on the other two platforms.

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