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Google Calendar not sync both sides(web/phone) My events are gone from google account!!?

Rafa mbz

New member
Aug 28, 2015
My events show in the windows phone, but are gone from the google calendar on web .
If I add a event on the phone does not go to my google account.
Is that right?
And all my events that I added on my google account are in my phone, but gone from google .
Im really **** off . On my ipad this things are so simple.
Even a microsoft account are easy to setup on android/IOS.

My device: Lumia 830 with WP 8.1

Edit: Resolved ! My device was in save energy mode.
During that my google calendar on the web was empty(don't no why because was old entries that are in there).
the new events by default are put in the outlook phone account. I change to not show that and the new events now go directly to google .
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