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"Google Maps" app. Is it HERE Maps with Google Maps POIs?


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Nov 16, 2012
Google Maps | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

App is Google Maps by Live Maps.

1) Description says OFFLINE Maps.

2) Screenshots look like Nokia HERE Maps.

3) It provides Google+ reviews inside the app.

Q) Is it like it uses downloaded NOKIA HERE Maps and shows Google POIs???
I don't have Windows Phone. Anyone with a WP please confirm what this app does.

It says that it uses windows maps, because they are better :) ... but you can chose Google maps too, from settings ...

It is meant for seaching places by Google Places (not good for streets) and "my location" does not work well (it is placing me to Germany, but I am not) ... well, it found me finally (after a long time) ...

Yes, you can download some maps too, but I did not try it ...

EDIT: it seems that it can use Nokia's offline maps (and then it finds streets too) ... is it legally licensed ? :)
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