Google Voice + Metro Talk = (essentially) Wifi Calling?

Paul Verizzo

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Jul 20, 2013
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I'm on the uber-cheapskate $30/mo T-Mobile prepaid program. After only a week, my whopping 30mb of data allowance was almost at the ceiling. Inadvertently uploaded some photos away from wifi and whatever else that did it. Since I never get close to hitting the ceiling on voice, this really irked me because SMS depends on the cellular data service.

Google voice has been around for quite awhile. I'd always presumed that when you set up service, you either got a new number or had to port your current number to it. I found out otherwise. You can set up a "lite" account using one's current mobile number. I did so. I also confirmed that I have data turned off on my phone. Lo and behold, I had no trouble sending or receiving text messages.

Metro Talk seems to be a highly rated Google Voice interface app. I've not yet tried voice communications whilst, say, in Airplane mode, hope to soon.

Anyone have experiences on this line? Poking around on the intertubes, I found a fair number of people have killed their cellular services and live on Google Voice alone. And there is the option of the Obi devices where for $50-ish, you can connect any conventional phone to your GV account. Free land line.

One difference is that with WFC, you can be sitting in Rome, have a good internet connection, and the TMO system sees you as in Lower Lifestyle, Nebraska. Google Voice knows otherwise, apparently, although calling from outside the USA into the USA is a whopping penny a minute. One intertube poster in New Zealand was going to set up his system through a VPN, theoretically the GV system would see him in Arkansas.

Can anyone amplify on this?

Not quite as simple as Wifi Calling, but then, too, WFC doesn't do SMS.

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