Googles next big play: The ChromeOS UMPC and the death of Android on tablets


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Apr 2, 2017
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Reading between the lines is quite easy to see Microsoft and Google are playing for the same space - the lightweight always connected hybrid tablet/laptop.

You can see an example of this in both the Windows on ARM and ChromeOS versus of the Hp x2.

Now what makes me say this? Well, for one we have leaked code from the Pixel, that shows Google are going for Windows certification. This implies that they aim to make it so the chromeOS market and the Windows on ARM market, entirely overlap as far as manufacturers - OEMs will be able to cheaply make both ChromeOS and Windows on ARM versions of the same device.

Then we have the moves in terms of ChromeOS itself. First we got added touch and pen support, and then Android App capability, and now coming soon the ability to run desktop apps via Linux emulation. Might be a bit of a nightmare having three app platforms on a single device, and no consolidated app store, but at least this will give ChromeOS more of the sort of capability Windows has. Tailor that for snapdragon chipsets and an always on experience, and you have something of a competitor.

Laptops are currently the largest selling type of PC. But hybrids are not only the fastest growing kind of tablet, but also fastest growing type of PC (as of this year). I can see a time, when this type of long battery life, light, always on computer more or less entirely displaces the convention PC outside of power users and gamers.

(and even then game streaming, and cloud distributed computing might remove the need for actually directly using the more powerful device, rather than just renting server access, or having your own server or xbox in the office or home)

This so called ultramobile computing could in fact be the absolute future of computing. When graphene screens arrive, we might even see the overlap with smartphones disappear in folding tablet designs that can also dock as a laptop, or desktop.

But the current observation is that IMO, Google intended to phase out android on tablets, and intends on living in the same hardware space as windows 10 on arm. I think in a few years people might only be making chrome tablets.

I think this may also spell the death of the ipad. The ipad does not have the capabilities of a full desktop OS. It's not as flexibile, nor as ultramobile as these new upcoming iterations from Google and Microsoft. And mac's OSX isn't touch orientated, despite being able to run iOS apps. They'd have a way to go to catch up.

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