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Graphics Control Panel


New member
May 23, 2015
I have a 4gb Surface 3, happily running on Windows 8.1.

I have no complaints or problems, except for one issue: the screen varies in brightness according to what is being displayed. I do have the adaptive brightness turned off in Power settings, so this is not responsible. In researching this, it appears that the Intel HD Graphics driver also has a power saving option that is in play here. The solution would be to disable this option, but unfortunately, there is no Graphics Control Panel accessible either by right-click on the Desktop, or anywhere in Control Panel, System Settings, Configuration, etc., etc.

I have read of installing a different driver to gain a Control Panel, but I want this to be as 'genuine' and specific to the Surface 3 as possible. In other words, I would hate to install a new driver, have it fix this problem, but then create numerous other problems or instability.

When I check through Updates, or look for a new driver through Device Manager, it tells me I have the most recent one, so that's a dead-end.

Does anybody here know of a way to add a Graphics Control Panel to the existing driver, or which is the correct driver with the GCP for this device?


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