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Groove and Photo app not updating the latest music or images since the aniversay update.

Groove is showing I have 999 songs when I have around 700 on my phone and is now refusing to add anything new. All my music is stored on the SD card and I have tried removing it and playing music so that it clears its database. When it readds music it only adds the same music but again saying I have 999 song when I have less.

The photo app also doesn't add any new picture. Everything is stored on my SD card and when I take a new photo it will show in the app for a few seconds then vanish.

In both cases if I use file explorer I can see everything on the SD card. is anyone else having similar problems? Is there a fix?

Help im giving up on Windows phone.

Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
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Your sd card might be faulty. Does it show the same problem when everything is on internal storage?

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