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Grove Music, What I think it is lacking to compete.


New member
Jun 19, 2013
These are features and functions I wish were in Groove Music as I am having a hard time wanting to stay with the service when I compare it to others.

What is missing or needs improvement with Groove Music
  1. Stations
    • Pre-Made Stations for Top Tracks World, Local(I am from Chicago, what are others in Chicago into?), State, and Country
    • General Genres ? So I can choose a type of music to listen to and go from there.
    • Mix stations like what Zune had to offer.
    • Merge stations ? Add an artist and then add more for that station to become more personalized to you liking.
    • My Station ? Base this on what I have rated or make a mix from what is in my collection. Or make it so these are dynamic Playlists that will build a new station for me based on the artists/tracks I have in there.
  2. Track / Artist Personalization
    • Stop a particular track from being played or artist if you are tired of it so you can get a break. Like Pandora?s shelf thing.
    • Rating of artists ? personally I do not think this should be a heart or no heart it should be star or 1-5. As there are some I like just not love. The problem with like or hate is it is an all or nothing deal with that song.
What do you think is missing?

PS. Sorry mods if this was the wrong place to post I just couldn?t see a better place for this.