[Guide] No more app updates after Amber upgrade? Read here!


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Feb 25, 2012
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Hi, after the Amber update my phone didn't get any app update.. for 2 weeks.
I read on this forum, on other forums, on microsoft support and more.. found a few *solution* and tried it all, without any success.

You can find solution about set your time to manual, to automatic, to change UTC time, to install new keyboards, to soft reset, to Hard reset (i totally refuse to hard reset for this problem) and some other unusual way.
All useless, i can't get any update even after some days after those *fix*

Finally i manage to solve my problem, with a really simple way: manually update nokia system apps!
Just go to this nokia link: Nokia Windows Phone 8 App Updates - Nokia Support Discussions
use those QR codes to update your apps (i think the *key* is Extra+info) and after a while i started to get system updates, language updates and all the app updates!

I lost too many days for this problem and i wanted to share my findings.

Some notes about my case: before my fix i get errors while checking system updates, i used to think that i caused those errors installing Nokia Pro Cam and Faceswap (apps that a normal Lumia 720 can't have) but looks like they don't cause problems :)

Hope this can help someone! :)

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