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Have Microsoft found a way to make all POV bike vids look awesome?


New member
Nov 24, 2013
There's no doubt that the availability and affordability of first-person cameras like the GoPro, Sony Action Camera and (coming to a street near you) Google Glass have opened up a whole new world for cyclists posting their latest adventure. Problem is that not all of these adventures are super-exciting, many are very long and packed full of erratic camera shake and changes in lighting. Sometimes they're a bit of a chore to watch all the way through.

Step forward Microsoft's Research lab with their hyperlapse processing technology: time-lapse videos with a smoothly moving camera.
This is how it's done:

? The video is analysed to work out the significant features in every scene and to form an approximate reconstruction of the area the camera travelled through
? Secondly, the smoothest path the camera could take through this virtual reconstruction is calculated
? Finally, the film is rendered with the camera travelling along this smooth path

Watch the video now for a full explanation and demonstration of this technology:

And here's a technical explanation of how it works:
We're counting down the days until this technology will become an everyday option, and look forward to seeing some cool footage in the future. Are you?

Source: The CRC Hub, article: Have Microsoft found a way to make all POV bike vids look awesome?


New member
Jan 10, 2013
I love seeing the stuff that comes out of MS research. Amazing stuff and quite innovative. A lot of it doesn't make it into products because it's difficult to monetize some of the technology, but interesting to see it anyway.

I could actually use a product with this technology quite a bit.