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Have we still not got true family access to xbox music?


New member
May 24, 2013
So I know this subject has been raised a million and one times but I couldn't find an exact answer for what I'm looking for.

So I pay for xbox music pass and mainly use it on my Xbox one under my Microsoft account and my Mrs also has access to it on the xbox when she signs in as I have set up the family settings on the xbox.

Today I have set me Mrs up on the surface pro 3 and there seems to be no way for her to have access to xbox music unless she signs in as me this also seems to be the issue on our windows phone.

I would of thought that because our accounts have effectively been established as home family members that this would be effective throughout our devises.

Can someone please enlighten me and explain why we can share our music account only on the xbox and not on our other window devises - or if this is not the case and it is possible please please please let me know what I'm doing wrong and explain how I can get it to work.