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Having to reset WiFi to Connect to Whatsapp every few minutes


WPCentral Question


I have a 920, Whatsapp was working fine until a few weeks ago when it keeps going offline. I have to either turn the phone on or off or turn the wi-fi on or off the re-connect. This is happening even if I am using the Whatsapp for a conversation, after a few mins its goes offline. I have soft reset the phone and reinstalled Whatsapp but it's still happening. All the settings seem to be correct.

Torcher Death

New member
Apr 28, 2014
Whats your battery saver status ??
I had a similar problem a couple months ago, wherein I discovered having battery saver set to 'always be on', it not only disables notifications, but also cuts off wifi even while the app is on & in the middle of a conversation sometimes. So, try switching it to 'when battery is low' & if all else fails, theres always the Hard Reset.