HBO GO imminent, Comcast suscribers potentially excluded


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Mar 17, 2013
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The authentication system HBO uses to validate users has been dependent on Content Providers allowing access to it's databases.

While I don't have access to contracts signed between Comcast and HBO, it's fair to say that device restrictions are allowed. For instance, Comcast authenticates all HBO devices with the exception of Roku. This infers that the contract between Comcast and HBO allows for prohibiting certain devices from being authorized to receive streaming services.

Comcast has refused to authenticate Viacom's Comedy Central and VH1 apps. However, Viacom has released the apps anyways with Comcast subscriber's left in the dark.

Microsoft and HBO have been aiming for parity on release which is why this is taking so long. Comcast's track record has proven an unwillingness to authenticate where they see competition. X1 vs Xbox One / Roku.

HBO recently announced that they will fore go content providers and offer a streaming plan directly to consumers. The timing of this announcement either indicates it's being used as leverage, or more damningly, talks with Comcast have turned sour.

Either way, expect the HBO GO app for Xbox One to release soon, with Comcast subscribers potentially excluded.

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