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Nov 29, 2018
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Minecraft Pocket Edition: A complete guide for beginners

Minecraft Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the excellent open world game - Minecraft. With simple graphics, the Minecraft world is uncomplicated but extremely large, made up of various blocks. Your main task in this game is to create your own world by building works, collecting resources, raising animals, planting trees and fighting monsters at night. Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can unleash your creativity to create your unique world which is completely different from the world of other players.

If this is the first time you’re playing Minecraft, it can be quite difficult for you to get used to the gameplay as well as features of this game. So, in this article, we have spent some time making a comprehensive guide to Minecraft Pocket Edition covering playing modes to some useful tips that can help you create your world faster and easier. Download Minecraft APK - Craft amazing structures from blocks and play right now!


Choose from options to create your own world

Select playing modes

To start playing the game, the first thing you have to do is to select playing modes. Minecraft Pocket Edition offers two playing modes for you to choose: single mode and multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode allows you and other players play within the same world, but it is only available in the paid version. It means that if you play the free version, you can only play the solo mode.

Gaming levels

The gaming level is a decisive factor that decides whether hostile mobs will appear at night or not. All gaming levels in worlds are completely different so you can unleash your creativity without being boring.

Peaceful: is the easiest level that newbies should choose. Hostile mobs will not proliferate in this level.

Easy: At this level, the hostile mobs will increase slowly.

Hard: is the most difficult in this game where the mobs will proliferate extremely fast. The damage levels caused by monsters is also different depending on the gaming level you have chosen. If you play the Hard level, Zombie is one of the most aggressive mobs; they can even destroy the wooden door and kill you!

Game Modes

In case you play the multiplayer mode, you do not necessarily have to create your own world because you can join someone else’s server to build the world together. Otherwise, if you play the solo mode, you need to create a world for your character to explore. When creating this world, the first thing you have to do is choosing a game mode which will determine how your world works as well as the difficulty level in the game.

Survival Mode: Many familiar things in other games you can see in this game mode like blood bar, food bar, inventory, and more. You have to collect resources to craft items as well as gain experience points.

Creative Mode: There are countless ways to get resources in this mode, and you no longer have to worry about the food or blood bar. You can also fly.

Adventure Mode: For each type of resource, you need to use appropriate tools to exploit.

Hardcore Mode: Your tasks in this mode are quite similar to the Survival mode, but the difficulty will increase. Your world will forever disappear if you die.


World options

This is a useful feature that makes it easier for you to control your world. You can enter codes (seeds) to create a unique world, turn on/off Cheat mode, choose the world type and many other options. Some types of world in Minecraft Pocket Edition: Default world, Superflat world, Large Biomes, Amplified, Customized, and Debug world.

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Use tips you need to know


At the start of the game, after naming your world, you will see a “Seed” section and so many players do not know how to use this feature. Minecraft seeds refer to a collection of digits that can determine how the game takes place. Depending on the seed bag you load, it may be lava, ice, or other resources.

Coal mine

Coal is one of the important resources that you need to exploit as soon as possible. You will use a pickaxe to break the rock and get the coal. Try to dig deep into the ground to find coal.

Create work tools and craft table

After collecting wood, go to Craft section and start building a Craft Table. Many work tools cannot be made without having a craft table, so it is a very important item in the game. Once you have a table, start making some tools like wooden axes which are used to break the stone. After getting stones, then go back to Craft Table and make some stone tools. You will need to use these tools to exploit other important resources like coal, minerals, and more.


Find accommodation at night

Monsters and mobs will appear at night, and you need to prepare everything to fight against them. If you do not have enough time to build a house on the first day, dig a tunnel to hide in it. The light also makes monsters panic, so pick up a few torches, leave them at the entrances of your tunnel to prevent the monsters from approaching.

Build a solid house

Once you have picked up a lot of raw materials, move out of the tunnel and start building a real house. First, you need to collect wood and use them to make wood panels by using Craft Table. Then, you use these panels, rocks, and ores to build your house. The best way to learn about construction materials and how to build a base is to play the Creative mode for a while. By this way, you can explore all the materials in this game.

Choose playing styles

Once you have built a safe base, work tools and survived the first night, you can choose any playing style as you want:

Role-playing style: You will go to many places, collect resources, and make advanced weapons to go to The End. In this world, you have to fight against a dragon to win this game.

Sandbox style: You can freely use materials and resources in game to create a better world.

Inventor style: is suitable for those who love creativity. There are not many things at the beginning of the game, and you have to create almost everything by using Redstone.

We have just given you some guides that can help you get used to Minecraft Pocket Edition easier. Download this game to your Android device and enjoy right now! For more exciting games and apps, you cna visit Apk downloader site at Top1apk.
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