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Hello All

Matthew McGeary

New member
Feb 6, 2014
Hello WP Central!
I'm an aspiring mobile/windows store app developer, and am also an apple junkie. I've had Android and Apple products alike, but have been bitten by the windows phone bug after enjoying my experiences using Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. I haven't bitten the bullet yet and gotten a phone with the windows phone operating system, but am waiting to see if Nokia releases an updated model for the Lumia 928 similar to the Lumia 1020 on AT&T for use with Verizon. AT&T in my area is reliable, but at our family's property in Ohio it doesn't work at all where I at least have decent service with Verizon so it's not a matter of being able to switch carriers. I'm also a photography junkie so I want to wait and see if they release a 41 megapixel or similar camera for Verizon. I'm hoping they do, but it's no big deal if they don't. So I'm hoping to learn more about Windows phones and in time be able to help others as I have been helped. Sorry if this all seems like an incomprehensible ramble, but it has been a rough day.


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Aug 19, 2013
Welcome to the WPC forums. Have a good time while you are here.

Channel open on my Moto X


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Jan 13, 2012
Welcome to WPCentral and hopefully soon Windows Phone :wink: Unfortunately I don't think there will be any more phones with a 41mp camera in a long while, however the 929/ICON should come soon :smile:


New member
Apr 27, 2011
Welcome to WPCentral, Matthew. I'm with you in the camp of wanting the 1020 or a variant to come to Verizon. I haven't done as much photography in the past year or two as I used to, but I shoot with a Canon 50D, and have been using a DSLR for more than 10 years, and 35 mm for probably 15 years before that. All for fun, mind you. So I'd love to see a 41MP camera come to Verizon. But alas....

The Lumia Icon is now available on Verizon for preorder, and will be available on the 20th, IIRC. It's got a 20MP camera, so not quite the 41, but better than any other line's cameras out there. Check out Daniel's review of it.
Nokia Lumia Icon Review | Windows Phone Central


Active member
Dec 23, 2011
Welcome WP Central forums, Always nice to have new members join in, ask questions and post in the thread's.
Good Luck :smile: