Help! Is it the battery or the phone?


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Oct 23, 2010
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A friend of mine game me their bjII.. he plugged it in for about 20 seconds to see if it would turn on, due to the fact he hasnt used it in a over a year. It turned on and seemed to be taking a charge. When the battery died I attempted to charge it on my PC. No go.. I plugged it in and it made the sound, indicating the power was picked up but the charging light didnt come on, and the icon didnt change. I plugged it into the xbox360, and it seemed to have gotten a small charge off of it. Later on that day it died, I tested it on a two pc's at work, same results, nothing. Then I recieved a wall adapter from a friend who works at verizon, the phone charger works on my friends phone.. but when i plugged it in this time the screen turned on flashed the windows mobile screen and then turns off and restarts, flashes the screen.. turns off.. ect ect. Is it the battery? The charger? Or the phone? I've tried to do a hard reset but because the phone turns off after a few seconds I can't get past the first menu option. HELP!

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