Help me fix a bad issue when using my Nokia Lumia 635 on Facebook via Internet Explorer?

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I love my Nokia Lumia 635 but it has always had a few bad issues & they ONLY happen when I'm using Facebook. I've asked for help on Microsoft Answers, TechRepublic and the Facebook Community site but maybe my problem is too specific to this Lumia 635 since it has way less RAM than anything else does (512mb) and so nobody on those forums else has ever experienced what I have since they all have phones with 1 or 2gb of RAM. I'm thinking that it might be just because it has too little RAM which causes it to mess up or to hang up. Does anyone know if this is a known issue?
I must say that I don't use the Facebook APP since it hasn't always offered everything that can be done by using the Mobile Site and that I do have my Settings for Internet Explorer set on Mobile Site and not on Desktop Site.
I should say that this phone is only a year old and I'm very careful with it and I never browse to porn or unknown sites, so don't accuse malware.
Also, I've already done both a Soft Reset and a Hard Reset hoping to fix it.
You should also know that I'm NOT an APP guy. I only have a few Installed such as Hill Climb 1 (Hill Climb 2 isn't even available thru Microsoft's closed store) and these problems happen even when no APPs or anything else is running in the background as I do quite often close all unneeded stuff to free up the RAM by holding down the icon in the lower left of the home screen and then closing them.
Only on Facebook, about half the time it displays the Facebook image shifted to the left either about a 1/8" or 1/2" with a solid grey stripe down the right side of the display completely from top to bottom.
Sometimes it works fine but I never know when it might display the next screen weird.
The workaround for this is to either hit the Comment button under any visible posting or sometimes just refreshing will fix it, but sometimes that just does it again.
I hate to sound too blunt or rude but could I ask that only people who are aware of these exact issues and of how they were resolved give a reply here? Again, not to seem disrespectful to those who are trying to help without actually knowing, but I'd prefer to hopefully find some help from someone with actual knowledge of what worked.
I've tried to fix this issue without needing to do some ugly Hard Reset but that hasn't worked. I have done several Soft Resets though.
I've asked the people at Microsoft Answers this in my but maybe nobody still uses these older, cheapster phones or their database doesn't have the answer.
There's a PrintScreen of exactly what I'm talking here about fixing that is posted at which is how I guess I need to show you here since this site doesn't seem to allow for any image uploads.
Thank you for understanding this request and for any help that I'm given. I had to add some spaces into the site URLs since this site wants to get mad when it sees site links.
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Nov 12, 2012
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The redirect rdr thing isn't anything odd, just so you know.

But frankly, I would blame the aging Internet Explorer Mobile web browser itself. It always had some small degree of quirks as compared to say, Safari on iOS, especially since it has a rendering engine that's not WebKit which is most prevalent.

On W10M with Edge, Facebook doesn't appear to misbehave but 10 may not be available to you. (and if it is, the lack of memory may be a hindrance. I'm still evaluating it and the Facebook app refuses to work on the 635 but that's alright.

Also, perhaps using should be the way to go for you.


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Sep 27, 2013
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I've faced this issue too, even on a phone with 1 GB RAM. So it's definitely not your hardware. The problem probably lies with IE, like xandros said. Refreshing the page usually fixes it for me.

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