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Help Question: Windows is not activated W10TP 10240?


New member
May 23, 2015
Hello, today I changed the motherboard / CPU in my computer. It booted right into Windows 10 which was coolm no reinstall needed. Then this happened...

I saw that Windows 10 is no longer activated. Was working great for months and I know I never saw anything having to do with activation and I was in and out of settings all the time...
Says my CDKEY, a valid Windows 8.1 key, has an error 0xc004e016

I called Microsoft and tried the phone manual activation, didn't work, so I got to talk to a few employees and after 3 hours (!!!) they basically said not to worry about it... the 10240 codes are no longer being activated, and it will be fixed in the next build.

Can anyone else confirm this? I think obviously my motherboard swap initiated it, then saw the key as invalid, and nothing anyone can do but wait...?

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