help with my new nokia 925

James Tolson1

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Jan 14, 2014
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as a long time blackberry user, my phone provider finally convinced me to change my phone and dump me in another 2 year contract lol, i wanted another blackberry but i would have 2 pay upfront costs and have a higher monthly so i got nokia lumia 925...

thing is im having some annoying issues that is fustrating the hell out of me :-(

1) contacts? i cannot seem to add or manage them, i added my hotmail account for emails but then all my contacts got spammed to death with old saved email addresses and unwanted spam brazil sex contacts from my hotmail list (which i have since 1998) i don't want that i just want to add contacts normally like i would in a normal phone? if i add a contact to the phone it (with hotmail filter'd out) then it says cannot display contact and adds that contact to my hotmail!!! i don't want that either!! am i missing something? is there a another simple contact app i can download? i have cleaned up and removed facebook from my hotmail on my pc but thats not updated the phone? does this take time?

2) i want to charge the phone while it is off, but it keeps switching itself on is this normal?

3) no direct control over features? or im not doing it right? on my blackberry i have a swipe down where i can access phone hardware such as turning off mobile network, wifi, bluetooth etc, i cannot find this on the 925? i had to delve into the settings just to turn off wifi? i not even figured out the rest yet..

4) again must be me but i cannot find it.. The camera, i like to take pictures at different resolutions for e.g. if i plan on sending a MMS i would take a pic 640x480 VGA, some pictures i take at 2mp some at 5, occasionally the full 8 for quality pics, but i cannot find the option in the phone to change resolutions?? every phone i have ever had has had the option so it must be there surly, i don't want to fill up the phone with 8mp junk pics am i missing something? is there more than one camera app?

i have had the phone for 2 hours lol, it certainly different from my blackberry and im old fashioned, im not into all this social media centric stuff.. so any help would certainly be appreciated thankyou :)


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Jan 13, 2012
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3) unfortunately no, but there are some apps that let you pin tiles with settings
4) I have WP7.8, so it might be different, but I just press the cog-wheel in the camera and then resolution :wink:


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Sep 26, 2013
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1) How To Add Contacts On Windows Phone - YouTube this shows you how to add contact
2) it is currently not possible but should be in windows 8.1(hopefully)
3)you can download apps that takes you straight to the settings you want e.g(wifi and network, brightness) you just have to pin the shortcut as a tile, here is one
4) i don't think they are camera's that adjust the mp but there are quite a few cameras but i would recommend visiting the store and searching "camera" and review which one of the apps fulfils your specific needs

hope i helped


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Nov 10, 2013
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For number 3 you should be able to make an app folder and put your set go in it if your on black. Download the app folder app from the store. When you do open it and tap the X at the bottom of the page, then name it and it will bring you to the app page but if you sweep from right to left you will see a list of quick setting that you can put in it.

Give it a few days and you'll get your head around it. You will also think, "look at what I've been missing"

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