Here are 5 things we're looking forward to with the Xbox Series X

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Dec 17, 2013
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The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's big next-gen console, and early information about the product is incredibly exciting. Here are five reasons why we're optimistic about the future of Xbox.
The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's big next-gen console, built for speed and power, but also to address many learnings from the Xbox One generation. It's no secret that the PlayStation 4 resoundingly triumphed over Microsoft in the console space, selling well over 100 million units, to the estimated 40-50 million Microsoft managed to shift.
The fact Microsoft was able to keep pace at all is a testament to the changes made under Xbox lead Phil Spencer and his team, putting the focus back on gaming and pivoting away from entertainment and smart home features. Now, Xbox is more focused on doing what it does best — gaming — and the future is looking bright.
So, in five bitesize chunks, here are five of the best reasons to give the Xbox Series X some serious consideration, ahead of its planned Holiday 2020 launch.

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