Here's the solution to missing songs!

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Jan 12, 2015
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First of all, let me warn you that this could be tedious but worth of it! If you have problem with Groove not recognizing and adding new songs to the library than this is the solution!

1. Back up all your data on SD card to PC (easiest way to do is to plug SD to card reader and copy all files to PC)

2. OPTIONAL! After all files are transferred to the PC, in File Explorer format your SD card to ex-fat with default settings.
Launch Groove on your phone, if there are any music files left in library, than your only solution will be to do a hard reset
of device.
3. Turn off your phone and insert SD card. Turn it on and start Groove, leave it to SONGS list. NOTE: be sure to change Lock
screen to never!

4. Install some music software on your PC that displays the number of songs playing, I'm using Aimp3 player. Add all your
music that was previously backed up on PC on playlist and check how many songs are there.

5. While Groove music is open on your phone, start copying music files or folders to Music folder on phone SD card.
IMPORTANT! Groove seems that it can't handle large amounts of songs copied to phone, thus it won't recognize or add
all of them to library. So my solution is to drag and drop, or copy paste ONE album and wait till Groove starts adding music
to its library.

6. Here is the reason why installing music player on PC: Start adding albums one by one while checking your music player on
PC, to make sure that Groove displays correct number of songs pasted from PC. EXAMPLE: PC music player
(Aimp3 in my case) shows 3 albums in playlist, one after another with total of 45 songs. Groove music on phone, after files or
albums are copied should display "shuffle all (45)" That means that the job is done!
7. Rinse and repeat adding songs to your phone, but keep your player on PC checked about number of songs compared to
Groove music ones.
8. VERY IMPORTANT!!! If Groove doesn't seem to be adding new songs from recently copied music, solution is simple: delete
music that wasn't recognized by using File Explorer on phone SD card, CLOSE Groove on your phone, launch it again and
repeat the process of adding songs while checking number of Groove songs library with your PC music player.
9. That's it! :)

This works if you have huge music libraries with thousands of songs! Groove mobile has a problem that it won't add all songs at once that are copied to SD, but album by album, or small groups of songs it can swallow nicely. Hope Groove team will fix this issue in the future and maybe add SCAN music button.

Hope it helps! :D

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