High CPU usage by chrome/mozilla ONLY on mobile tethered internet

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-Using a custom built PC
-Running the Latest version (as of 13/4) of the windows 10 Education
-Tried reinstalling wifi network adapter, apple mobile support, chrome and mozilla

I will be running fine with 0-5% cpu usage on idle on my regular Ethernet cable in university which uses a specific proxy server in the LAN settings (Internet options -> connections tab -> LAN settings) for our internet.

But when I want to connect to mobile tethered 4G internet via cable OR WiFi (both give same problem) I change the LAN settings and un-tick the "use proxy server for your LAN..." i.e. change it to default settings as it should be.

After that I go and disable my main Ethernet network Adapter OR unplug the Ethernet (problem arises either way). After a couple of seconds on task manager Chrome will start (I haven't opened chrome) and start using 25-30% CPU for a long time. (I think it eventually stops but I'm not sure. I tried removing Chrome and then using Mozilla as default but then Mozilla starting doing same. I removed Mozilla and started using Edge and it seemed edge wasn't doing it.

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