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Hi Everyone..

I am in a small tiff here. I have many Blu-Ray ( BD-R) disks that i have used in the past and my blu-ray burners ( on my computer)will see them all just fine, but it takes FOREVER to copy anything off of them, however, i can put them in my blu-ray player in my living room ( that i watch movies on), and it will see it as a (Data BD) and has no issues seeing it or playing whatever i have on it. SO my question is, is there a blu-ray player out there that i can buy to exchange it with the one i have in my living room, that will allow me to copy off my contents onto a flash drive or something? the Blu-Ray player that i have now in my living room, has a place for me to put a usb in it, but it will only play off off it and will not give me a option to copy from the Data-BD to the usb.


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