How can I fix a task view problem when using Dual Monitors?

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Task View in Dual Monitors issue

I have a dual monitor setup:

- Main screen, where I work using different applications in different virtual desktops.

- Secondary screen, where another application constantly running in the foreground (e.g.: showing a movie, youtube videos etc.), which I need to be always shown.

When I create multiple desktops in my main screen, Windows also creates the same desktops in the secondary screen.

When working, I alt-tab to move between main screen's applications, which potentially changes desktops.

The problem is that the same desktops are changed in my secondary screen; therefore, my application stops showing when changing desktops.

I was wondering if I can resolve this somehow. For example:

1) Disabling virtual desktops for my secondary monitor specifically

2) Copy application to all desktops (therefore, it shows regardless of which desktop I am switching)

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