How can I fix my Lumia 1520 display problem?

Yash Parikh

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Dec 5, 2014
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how to solve Lumia 1520 display problem ?

I have a lumia 1520 and I just upgraded to windows 10 mobile. My phone has some kind of weird touch problem where it automatically detects touch and starts typing or tapping icons without any manual touch from a person.

It gets really frustrating. I need to close the phone and start again for the problem to go and after sometime it again starts acting like that. Its a weird problem.

Many other lumia 1520 users r facing such problems as well where their display automatically detects touch without being actually tapped or touched by a human hand.

The problem is also showcased by someone in this video. (click on the video link)


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Dec 10, 2013
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Re: how to solve Lumia 1520 display problem ?

I've had a similar problem with my L1520 a while ago.
I don't remember when it started to happen, but it did a long time ago - long before the W10 update (as of now, I didn't update to W10 yet - I'm still with 8.1).
Some people called it "Ghost touch". The cause of it was my screen - it became defective (probably because of all the "special treatment" it got from my kids): sometimes, it just started to go on a rampage, randomly clicking on all sort of things, locking my device's screen and even worse - quickly typing wrong code numbers in the lock screen, almost locking my device indefinitely.
Eventually I had to replace my device's screen, and it stopped doing that...

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