How can I gain control of the volume output to the speaker?

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I keep losing control of volume output to the speaker

I can use both buttons and set any level from 0 to 30, but the output stays the same, the number changes, but the volume does not. This is on the podcasts app on the 635. Happens in both regular and PFD. Usually gets stuck on a high volume and cant be changed. Happens on two different devices.

Hard resets do not fix it and soft resets fix it for a few hours then it happens again.
There has to be some way to fix this. No one would be dumb enough to actually have a problem like this on the market for as long as this, would they? So what is the fix?

harihar akhil

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Jul 20, 2014
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Re: I keep losing control of volume output to the speaker

Even i was frustrated by this bug on my Lumia 520 when on cyan and black. Though I did not do any hard reset but just a simple restart when ever the volume does not change. Hope this would solve your issue.if not the best way is to contact care centre

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