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How can I get a group text working with Android phones?

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I've been group texting some guys from work. 4 guys have iphone's. 1 guy has an android (Samsung S5) and I have my lumia Icon Windows phone.

The Iphone guys get my next messages and I can see their texts. The guy with the android phone can see I have send a message, but he just see's "mms message" and is unable to view my message. When he texts the group, I see them just fine.

If I do a text message just to him it works just fine.

Does anyone have any idea why he can't see my text message. I know google doesn't like windows, but this is just silly.


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
Re: group text not working with android phones

No, it should work.

I've run a group with mostly iPhones, two Lumias and a couple Galaxies.
Funnily enough, one of the Android users left because it was working, maybe too well.

Does he have cellular data enabled?
Does he have MMS enabled?

I know group texts don't work properly on my Lumia if cellular data is off.

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