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How can I get my Lumia 950 working again?

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lumia 950 no longer working

I am an insider, fast ring. Never had issues before that I couldn't solve myself.

Today my phone stopped working.
When opening an app or settings menu it would reboot after hitting a "loading"-screen.
Got annoyed with it so I tried to hard-reset. The hardware keys for this were (and are) not working (volume down plus power when the device is turned off). It doesn't get me to the "exclamation mark screen", it just reboots my phone.

After a while of trying I only get this grey notification:
Something went wrong (code ox8009002d). Restart your device to see if that fixes the problem.

Guess what? it doesn't solve my problem.

With this code I couldn't find anything useful online.
Anyone out here that can help me?
Or do I just need to go back to the store with the thing?

Kind regards, and thanks in advance.


New member
Dec 23, 2013
Re: lumia 950 no longer working

Try using the 'Windows Device Recovery Tool' to reinstall the OS.
The tool will also check for firmware updates.

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