How can I get the downgrade on my Lumia 930 from Windows 10 Mobile working?

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Downgrade Lumia 930 from Windows 10 Mobile not working

I know... I know... Tech preview, risky, bla bla bla. My bad.

But.. I installed Windows 10 on my Lumia 930..used it for a while, works ok. But I want to og back to 8.1, something that turns out to be easier said than done.

First, I tried the recov-tool that everyone is using. It downloaded a package, but after it hit 100% download, it said that there was no available files for my Device, witch is strange since it already had downloaded it.

Then I went to try again, but now my pc wont recognize the doesn't even make a beep when I plug it in. The phone charges and stuff, so it is Connected, but Windows will not do anything. I have tried a hard reset several times, while connected and not Connected. Tried different pc's and all availabe USB ports. Nothing.

I have read that some People have some issues With downgrading Lumia 930..but I haven't found a sollution.. So please help me!

Thanks :)


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Sep 26, 2014
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Re: Downgrade Lumia 930 from Windows 10 Mobile not working

Did you also try different USB cables or uninstall the WPRT and reinstall it or use the Lumia Software Recovery Tool.
I used the WPRT to rollback my 930 with no problems.

But if your USB port on your phone has a problem then you are F-ed.

mary beth hale

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Mar 13, 2013
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Re: Downgrade Lumia 930 from Windows 10 Mobile not working

The first time I used the WPRT I had a problem, but I did what Harrie suggested and uninstalled/reinstalled the program. Have since used it on my 930 5 times without problems. It's sure worth a shot.

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