How can I get the latest (3.2.x) version of Uber app for W10M?

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My Lumia 640 with Windows 10 (previously 1511, now 1607; I'm on Release Preview) doesn't get past Uber app version 2.5.x, but WC reports (repeatedly) on the Uber app being 3.2.x: .

I've tried to reinstall, uninstall-restart-install, and similar several times, I've also tried direct links to the Windows 10 app in the store, but apparently I cannot get higher than version 2.5.1. Are people using the 3.2 version? How did you get it? Any thoughts on how I can update my phone to rock the latest version?

Thoughts would be most appreciated!

Per Bylund

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Jun 11, 2014
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I'm not sure what the latest version of the Store is, but it was updated with AU and has version number 11606.1001.39.0 on my Lumia 640 with 14393.5. I have no problems downloading updates or installing; it's just the Uber app that won't update (I did get the 2.5.1 update some weeks ago...).

The Store's info page for the Uber app says:
Minimum OS: Windows Phone 8 or higher required
Recommended OS: Windows Phone 8 or higher required

But under the More flag with info on the app it says "You have to be on Windows 10 - Version 1511 (November update) or newer to download the latest Uber app."

All of this is very confusing. Following the direct link to download the app from the WC article (web or app) takes me to the same 2.5.1 version of the Uber app...

Strangely, my wife also has a Lumia 640 (mine is TMO branded, hers is AT&T) and has the same 2.5.1 version of the Uber app.

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