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How can I get the new update on my Lumia 535?

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Cant get the new update on my lumia 535.

I recently updated to the windows 10 technical preview but that didnt worked out pretty well for me so I downgraded my software through the windows phone recovery tool.Before upgrading to windows 10 I got an update on windows 8.1 in which the settings changed a little bit (types were added to them) but when I downgraded again it didnt showed the settings as before.I checked for updates but that shows that my phone is up to date.What should I do to get the update?


New member
Oct 9, 2013
Re: Cant get the new update on my lumia 535.

As I understand it, that update is gdr2 which is currently only received as part of the technical preview programme. So you'd need to re-enable technical preview, let it do that first update, then stop it going on to the next update to W10.


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Aug 25, 2016
I upgrade my windows phone 535 8.1 into windows 10. but i can't find windows 10 friendly that's why i downgrade my phone into windows 8.1.
Now i can't get any update for windows 8.1 in my phone:crying: