How can I modify network names (get rid of #2)?

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Need to modify network names (get rid of "#2")

Hello. I'm here about the age-old issue of network names getting a "#2" or "#3" appended to their names.

For instance, I have a hotspot device called "Hotspot". I just bought a new one today and I want to name it "Hotspot" as well -- but Windows is a clever beast, and it knows that the hardware has changed so it insists on calling my new device "Hotspot 2".

In previous versions of Windows I could go in and delete the old entries from the registry, and then the new device is detected as never having been seen before. I believe I would do this in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList -- but in Windows 10 this key exists with no subkeys.

FYI, if I go into secpol.msc and look at Network List Manager Pol, then All Networks, there are many many networks listed there - most outdated. But I cannot seem to find the corresponding entries in the registry anywhere!

Advice appreciated! /jim

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