How can we get in touch with Nokia (Background process Issues)


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Aug 8, 2013
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I have a lumia 1020 .I know this might be the wrong place to make this but if anyone knows of a suggestion website where i could make suggestions to Nokia and microsoft on windows phone please let me know. I happen to be having a bit of pickle at the moment---- Am having a crazy battery drain Issue and if i off my phone and switch it back on i get around a 1day 11hrs of battery for 43% of battery i have left but after a few minutes if i go to the battery indicator built into the setting it goes down to about 7hrs suddenly . So i did something to check if an app was culprit and it happened to be so. I switched on battery saver to on always and switched the phone off and back on again and since then my battery has being gradually going down from 1day 19hrs without a sudden jump down to 7hrs. So my conclusion is that there is an app in the background pulling on my battery capacity which i can't figure out and its quite annoying as well that Nokia/microsoft didnt deem it fit to include a battery monitor to report on consumption power of various components and apps on the battery . Am really hoping we would get this feature soon. right now will start uninstalling my apps one at a time to find out the culprit

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