How do I change my Gamertag on Xbox?

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Change Gamertag Error

The other day, my sister told me that I could change my gamertag on Xbox, so I went onto the windows/xbox website, and changed it, but when I went back to my 'games' page on my Nokia lumia 800, my gamertag hadn't changed and my phone kept trying to reload, but the gamertag hadn't changed. There's an online game I play, Alphajax, which I've always been able to access in a few seconds or so, and now it won't let me on at all! My internet connection is fine, as is my Xbox connection, but the game still hasn't loaded up so I can play. Yesterday, when I returned to the gamertag page, it said that I had already changed my gamertag. I've been a user of Xbox for over 4 months, and suddenly this has happened. What should I do? I would really appreciate it if someone could help,

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