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How do I change the country code?


New member
Mar 3, 2015
how to change country code

I have a Lumia 925 with Three which looks to be the worst offender with software upgrade. They are far behind everyone else with upgrade to Denim, so my suspicion is that they will do the same for Windows 10 once it's available.
Mobile is locked to 3 and I will keep 3 SIM, but I wanted to change it to country variant.
Could anyone advise where I can find a reasonable manual to do that?
Thank you


New member
Jun 25, 2013
Re: how to change country code

I think one of the best tutorials about flashing Lumias comes from XDA forums and here is the tutorial for that.

The process itself could be difficult for some and there are some minimal risk like bricking your device but if you follow every step it should be pretty safe.