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How do I delete all of my photos from my phone camera roll?

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how do i delete all of my photos from my phone cameral roll

I want to do a bulk delete of my photos and videos but can only figure out how to do them one by one. I have about 10 gigs so it is quite a lot of individual deletes. Thanks


Apr 6, 2013
Try connecting the phone to your PC via USB cable. You then find the folders and delete the pictures...


New member
Jan 12, 2013
Re: how do i delete all of my photos from my phone cameral roll

Method 1:
1. Download the Microsoft Files App.
2. Navigate to your Camera Roll (Phone > Pictures > Camera Roll).
3. Tap on the Multiple select icon at the bottom.
4. Tap on the three dots that appear at the bottom and tap on "Select All".
5. Tapping on the delete icon will delete everything that has been checked.

Method 2:*
1. Connect your phone to your PC.
2. Navigate to your Camera Roll.
3. Using the File explorer of your PC, select all of the photos and delete them.

You can also delete multiple photos through the Photo Hub, but in my Windows Phone I can only select around 50 photos at a time - not enough to delete everything you have at once.

*- Note that there have instances where a photo that was "deleted" using this method wasn't actually deleted in the phone.