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How do I delete temporary files from my Lumia 625?

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how to delete temporary files from lumia 625

im trying to free up more space on my cell, and it wont clear up the temporary files in the storage sense of my lumia 625


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Jan 12, 2013
Re: how to delete temporary files from lumia 625

Welcome to Windows Central.

How long have you waited for the temporary files to be deleted after using Storage Sense? This usually takes a few minutes for the entire deleting process to be completed.

There are other methods in which you can clear your temporary files:
1. Connect your phone to your PC and then leave it connected for 15-30 minutes - other users have reported that this method somehow clears some of the temporary files.
2. Perform a hard reset/factory reset on your device. Of course, this method will erase everything from your phone (except the default apps and OS), so it will clear your custom files, apps, ringtones, etc. ... including temporary files.

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