How do I disable apps from sending my location?

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How to disable apps from sending my location

I bought my Lumia WP so I can use GPS to see where I am,
for example in the mountains.
But I dont want anybody else to see where I am.
So how can I trustably disconnect any app from even asking
my location or even worse, sending it ?


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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: How to disable apps from sending my location

Location is needed by many Apps to function reliably and efficiently.

If it comes to not having a certain someone see where you are that would only ever be your carrier and the authorities. Most often only your carrier knows where you are and that is in an automated tracking sort of way. There are no people monitoring every cell phone location in the world with little flags attached stating who that user is. In most instances, for all intents and purposes you are anonymous unless someone specifically has your carrier track your movements. They won't do that just for anyone. Turning off GPS won't stop that tracking anyway. The phone can still be located by which Towers it contacts and you would need to be in Airplane mode as well.

Leaving your GPS on isn't going to breach your privacy. Those Apps that need it to function are not beaming YOUR location in a constant stream to some person or group for tracking. They access it as needed and only to provide the function requested. For instance, if you turn Location off, you won't see where you are with any accuracy on the map on your phone...

If you are a spy, then none of what I said applies. However, your spy training should have then made it unnecessary for you to even ask the question on a public forum.

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