How do I fix all the DCOM W10 errors?

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The old style Computer Management\Windows Logs\System Logs shows loads of DCOM errors aka W5,6,7,8,8.1. Why do we still get these errors and when will MSFT release a simple to user tool to fix 'em.
The current palava of having to open up the Registry, CLSID & APPID listings, locate the gobbledegook clisid/appid entry, reset the security permissions entries for Owner etc. then go to Control Panel, Admin Tools, Component Services, Computer, My Computer DCOM, locate the relevant error such as Runtime Broker ( a very common one) and then fix the permissions - again - is just such a time wasting bore and so very prone to making mistakes or breaking some other service/function.
Come on MSFT, get your computing heads together and fix these decades old problems with all versions of Windows before trying to flog us yet more graphical UI 'updates' to this very very old NT OS.


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Aug 26, 2014
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I haven't had any DCOM errors in a number of years. Only happens when I install a poorly written program and it has a bad uninstall.

It's the developers of 3rd party apps you really hate here, or should. DCOM errors simply don't occur without 3rd party intervention of some sort.

This is why 3rd party apps all try to fix the errors, none with 100% accuracy because there's nothing like a competent IT person to come in and clean up behind bad software.

THIS is why I like the idea of people running Windows 10 and using APPS instead of win32 programs. Apps install and uninstall clean. Since win32 programs will be able to be ported to Store Apps, they will get their own sandbox and stop messing up the registry.

It's also why I converted most of my software to Portable Apps years ago. I got tired of the clutter in the registry and all the issues created by poorly written programs. I tested all new programs in a virtual machine to see what damage they would do before installing the on my system. Now I stick mostly to store apps or portable apps, except for a select few I've cleared as being safe that I need.

My opinion, I know, but moving away from win32 programs and using them after porting them to Store Apps for sandboxing is the best thing we can do to prevent the problem in the first place.

The best way to fix the DCOM errors is to make sure they don't happen to start with.


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Dec 14, 2015
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I realize I'm waking an old thread but I got to it after googling about all these DCOM errors in Windows 10.

I have tons of DCOM errors on all my Windows 10 boxes and the only software that is common among all of them other than the OS itself, is Office.

Most errors seem be logged by C:\Windows\System32\RuntimeBroker.exe. Looing through the system event logs on my Surface Pro 4 is like looking through a children's book given all the reds and ambers everywhere. The device seems to work fine (except it rebooted itself last night after a crash) but I still don't want to see that many errors and warnings in logs.

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