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How do I get rid of bugs switching between Cyan & Denim (Lumia 625, India)?

Partha Pratim Seal

New member
Jan 26, 2015
Bug! Switching between Cyan & Denim (Lumia 625, India) ! Cortana US became different!

I got the updates through Preview for Developers. But, When I unenrolled and uninstalled the app "extras+info" showed it's Lumia Denim. Got The Folders on start screen, 4G option for network. But Cortana became different too. For example previously when I asked Cortana about any Celebrity or anything else she used to give a brief info by saying "______ is an........" . But Now, it says "Here is what I found". For sometimes the Music recognition option on Cortana screen appeared, again vanished. After that, I reenrolled for PFD and it went back to Cyan but with same features. But during this process when I checked for phone updates it didn't show any result. It carries on checking for updates.
Is there anything to solve the problem apart from Lumia Recovery Tool?


New member
Aug 25, 2013
Re: Bug! Switching between Cyan & Denim (Lumia 625, India) ! Cortana US became different!

This is not a problem. Since Denim carries no firmware changes for older phones its identical to preview and thus when u unenroll from preview provided u already got the latest 8.1.1 it shows as denim in extras + info and some denim goodies appear.
It been like this for a few months now ;)

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