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How do I leave Windows 10 Insider Program?

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Ok so the time I heard that Windows 10's Tech preview was released, from what I can remember, I kinda signed-up for Insider. And today, they said that Insider Users will have to update their windows 10 tech previews to continue it to be genuine. Even i signed up, i didn't have time to download the preview. Plus, what's weird is the "reserve windows 10" button in my screen disappeared. And btw, i signed up in Insider from a different laptop(Windows 7) and a different e-mail address, and I am using my new laptop(Windows 8.1)without the new email being signed in to insider, but it is a microsoft account. So what is bothering me now is that is a microsoft account already an insider account? Because i didn't sign my new microsoft account in a new laptop and in a new Manager (Outlook) . So why did my reserve button disappear?


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Jun 27, 2014
A Microsoft Account is not automatically an Insider, and the reserve icon is disappear for everyone, nothing to worry about it.


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Nov 12, 2012
I believe if you sign in on the web browser to the Windows Insider site, there are links on your profile page to cancel being an Insider.

I used this method to cancel on the phone side, should work the same for PC.