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How do I setup local hdd storage so I can delete files (pictures) from onedrive storage?

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I have windows 10 as my home PC operating system and exceeded my onedrive storage limit.


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Dec 22, 2014
If you do not have Copy/To and Move/To right click context menu installed, use this tutorial. It is real simple.


After that is done, coonect your external hard drive to your PC.
Open Fie Explorer.
Left side (navigation pane ) open Onedrive.
Right side, all the folders in one drive will be listed there.
Right click at Pictures folder > click Move to > navigate to and click your external drive > click Move.
Pictures folder is now moved to the external hard drive. It no longer resides in Ondrive.

Go to Onedrive website > login > check to make sure Pictures folder no longer present.