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How do I transfer my pictures and apps from an old Windows 8 phone to a new one? Lumia 830 to 1020.


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I bought a Lumia 1020 to replace my 830. I wanted the better camera.

How can I transfer my pictures and apps from my old phone to my new one? The Transfer my Data app only moves contacts and messages, which were already synced through my Hotmail account.

Also, some apps I want (like Podcast Lounge) are on my SD card. Is that process any different?


New member
Jan 12, 2013
Transferring photos and other files (documents, music, videos, audio) except those that are in apps and the apps themselves is easy. Just connect your old phone to your PC, copy the files from your phone to your PC then disconnect your old phone. Next, connect your new phone to your PC and copy the files from your PC to your new phone.

As for apps, you will need to reinstall them from the store. The store has a useful "my apps" page where you can find all the apps you have installed in your phone/s in chronological order. If the app in your old phone is compatible with your new phone, then there should be no problems. Note, however, that not all data in apps will be transferred, such as scores, photos (i.e. in photo lockers) etc.