How do I uninstall a program that isn't on my computer?

c rick

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Jun 1, 2018
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Can't complete the update to Win 10 ver 1803 because "Avira AnitVir" is not compatible with the upgrade. BUT I do not have Avira on my computer. I'm using Windows Defender for anti virus protection. Ran a Get-Rid-Of-Avira program I found on the web but the update claims it's still there. Revo Uninstaller can't find Avira so it can't get rid of it either. System file checker found nothing wrong. DISM check health and scan health found nothing wrong. Can't find anything anywhere I have searched that contains "Avira" or "Avira AntiVir".

Searched lots of "helps" on many web sites but no one has posted this exact problem that I can find. This is the very first time my desktop computer has had a problem with an update from Windows 10. Windows Defender will not update because the feature update to Ver 1803 is stuck at 49%. Even tried a temp deactivation of Windows Defender anti virus and firewall - still failed to update.

Windows 10 Home, 64 bit AMD Processor, 8GB ram

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