How do I uninstall Dragon Mania Legends?


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Feb 18, 2012
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I can't uninstall Dragon Mania Legends

Lumia 830 with lots of room on both phone and SD card. Downloaded DML, it hung on "installing" for a long time but eventually showed up in my apps list- I assumed it was not showing in downloading queue but didn't bother to check again since it was on my phone. Played a bit, didn't care for it, uninstalled from app list. Today I go to store to see what's updated on my history list and the damn DML is showing as stuck on install even though I'd uninstalled it. Go to app list, there it is, showing as "new." Uninstall again. And now it's still showing as installing. Long press does nothing, and app does not show up in storage sense on phone or SD card or on app list. Been stuck on "installing" with blue progress bar at about 50% for many hours now- but I already have uninstalled it and did NOT press on install again from the store. Now I have actual updates that can't be downloaded because this stupid game can't be uninstalled.

Thanks for your help. This is btw NOT an issue of lack of storage.


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Feb 15, 2014
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Re: I can't uninstall Dragon Mania Legends

Have your phone location and wifi on Try reinstall from Microsoft windows phone website. once the install is done restart the phone with a soft reset. when you get back to your app list try uninstall then. Hopefully it will work. A friend of mine had a similar prob with another app and reinstall from the website helped!

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