How do I uninstall Pokki in Windows 10 on my Lenovo computer?

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how to uninstall pokki in windows 10 on Lenovo computer

Pokki cannot be uninstalled. Why?

Aaron Blake

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Oct 23, 2015
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I updated to Windows 10 and decided to get rid of Pokki menu. I tried to click the remove button when it asks if you want to keep or remove the menu, which didn't do anything. So I did a little research and I did these steps and got it to remove the menu with no noticeable side effects.
1.Open Control Panel.
2.Uninstall a Program, underneath the Programs group.
3. Look in the publishers column for something made by Pokki. It should be called Hosted App Service.
4. Uninstall Hosted App Service. It give a warning about uninstalling PC App Store* and being non-undo-able.
5. click OK and it uninstalls.
*I was worried that this was the store on the taskbar, so I backed-up my machine first. After it finished the uninstall I noticed that it was not the store on the task bar so there is no need to back up your machine first. Although I suggest backing-up/imaging your machine afterwards just in-case you run into any problems later on like viruses, etc. .

I hope that my experience helps.

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